Looking back:
When our Animato Team supported by the Animato Foundation board started in spring 2021 the preparation of the new form of a “Animato Chamber Orchestra Concert Tour 2021” there was no planning security at all as to the new form of this Concert Tour and even more with respect to the omnipresent European-wide Covid pandemic. From a planning point of view, we could in advance at no moment exclude that Covid-19 and respective infection could cause a cancellation of the scheduled concerts and/or a premature termination of said Chamber Concert Tour. In addition, and with respect to the finding suitable smaller concert halls – in the majority new ones – the respective halls in fall 2021 forced us to plan these concerts relatively late in fall with the termination date of 29th October 2021. Looking back now we were highly lucky to terminate this first Chamber Orchestra Tour just before the infection rate in all visited countries – Austria, Czech Republic and Germany – started to rise dramatically.

Apart from the usual complete and high consuming standard evaluation, negotiation and organizing all elements and parts of an ordinary Animato Concert Tour we were confronted with a high number of challenges how to make – as far as possible – our Animato Chamber Tour “Covid-safe” and to protect the healthiness of all orchestra members as well as music professional and accompanying staff.

To insure such a relative security the basic request in this connection was to demand a fully vaccinated status for the whole orchestra and accompanying staff while as to the concert public the Covid protection scheme has been usually the application of a 2G+ approach. Looking back, we can conclude that our whole Animato Tour 2021 was more than expected fortunate since – apart from a narrow escape from a cancellation of our Melk concert we didn’t have no further severe Covid incidence causing a change in our concert and trip plans. It was therefore with a great gratitude and relaxation that our whole Animato Orchestra and staff returned safely and sane home after our last concert in Berlin.